Journeys to the Interior

2010 – Essays, portraits, and landscape accounts, with a core series of four explorations: of the story of literature in the Australian landscape; the relationship between consciousness, thought and wilderness; fragments and man’s need for coherence, and musical form in the bush.
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Wings of the Kite-Hawk

2003 – A fiction set in the Australian inland: a search after moods and ideas as they perpetuate themselves in time. From the blurb of the first edition: “As much fable as memoir, as much poem as momentary record, it resonates with strangeness and bitter-sweetness, with all the hidden patterns and suddenly-revealed depths of life.” Winner of the Courier-Mail book of the year award.
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The Red Highway

2009 – A fiction set in the far reaches of the continent. In form, a sequel to “Wings of the Kite-Hawk,” with a focus on the parallels between the tones of places far removed from each other, and the ideas and intuitions of people separated by distances of space and time. From the blurb of the first edition: “The Red Highway is a one-of-a-kind book. It explores death, friendship, and art, and evokes a unique and mesmerising part of the country.”
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Another Country

2007 – Essays, evocations, narratives of encounters and experiences in remote landscapes, followed by a memoir of a long-range trip in the company of western desert people to the religious site of Yankaljunku, unseen by man’s eyes for decades before the journey.
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Heaven & Earth

1999 – A recreation in novel form of the “year of wonders” that led to the collapse of East European communism, set within the frame of a coming of age story.
Published by Duffy and Snellgrove