Nicolas Rothwell was educated in European schools and was a classical scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, before becoming a foreign correspondent. The end of his overseas corresponding work was marked by the publication of his first book. A detailed biographical sketch can be found on the website of literary agent Margaret Connolly. Those interested in his journalistic writings on the North and other topics may find this link useful.




Readers who find themselves at home in the maze of these books and their interconnections may wish to travel down a handful of related paths – paths of influence and paths of implication. This is a list of affinities drawn up almost automatically – how not to follow such a course, that suits the temper of our time, when we live as we do, so casually, and at such terrifying pace?: The Lines Written Above Tintern Abbey; The Tacitean Annals; The Canti from Recanati, Scholem’s Major Trends. It may be that you feel these are not Australian connections: think again. To whoever wishes to take the ride: Bon voyage, and keep an eye out for what lies ahead.

Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Service: www.ingkerreke.org.au
Memorial – a community, movement, museum and human rights watch in the former Soviet Union: http://www.memo.ru/eng/index.htm
The movement for tribal peoples: www.survivalinternational.org/
Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty: www.rferl.org/
Human Rights Watch: www.hrw.org/
Freedom House: www.freedomhouse.org/




Several of the images on this website are the work of the North Australian photographer Peter Eve. A brief account of his work is here