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Welcome to this site, which offers a brief introduction to some of my recent books and writings, set, for the most part, in northern Australia and the desert inland. The books are described on their dedicated page, together with a short account of their themes. Some are fictive, some lie close to the daily world we occupy, some stand far apart. They share a goal: they seek to convey something of the scale and grandeur of what surrounds us, and what remains beyond us. Read more



Belomor-coverIn the early 1930s the Soviet Union built, with convict labour, a canal between the White Sea and the Baltic. Given the convenient proximity of the Solovetsky Islands Gulag settlement, workers were in plentiful supply, and their work was performed for free. The project took 20 months: 12,000 prisoners lost their lives. The scheme became known simply as the White Sea Canal: “Belomorkanal”. To mark its completion, the state tobacco company launched a new brand of cigarette: it took the project’s name.
And it gives its name in turn to “Belomor” – a novel, a book of narratives and remembrances released this year by Text Publishing. Read more


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