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Welcome to this site, which offers a brief introduction to some of my recent books and writings, set, for the most part, in northern Australia and the desert inland. The books are described below with a short account of their themes. Some are fictive, some lie close to the daily world we occupy, some stand far apart. They share a goal: they seek to convey something of the scale and grandeur of what surrounds us, and what remains beyond us.

“Belomor” depicts a world in fragments, and the paths in life taken by its set of characters: individuals who find themselves drawn to seek affinities between the events and accidents that punctuate their lives. Their task – as for all of us, writers, readers – is to make order from what lies about them, to find beauty in the pattern of their experiences, to compose a world.

“Wings of the Kite-Hawk” was written in response to an intuition – the intuition that men and women are shaped by the country they move through; that they leave their traces in the landscape; that their essence remains, and we can tune into them, and know them; we are not isolated, and alone in the world: we can imagine what others of our kind have felt.

Essays, evocations, narratives of encounters and experiences in remote landscapes, followed by a memoir of a long-range trip in the company of western desert people to the religious site of Yankaljunku, unseen by man’s eyes for decades before the journey.

A fiction set in the far reaches of the continent. In form, a sequel to “Wings of the Kite-Hawk,” with a focus on the parallels between the tones of places far removed from each other, and the ideas and intuitions of people separated by distances of space and time. From the blurb of the first edition: “The Red Highway is a one-of-a-kind book. It explores death, friendship, and art, and evokes a unique and mesmerising part of the country.”

Australia’s centre and north are a world apart from its big coastal cities. Here one finds unique natural wonders, visionary art, original thinkers and, sometimes, distilled despair and death. In Journeys to the Interior, Nicolas Rothwell travels deep into the northern realm, combining the storytelling flair and persistence of a journalist with the imagination of an artist.

A recreation in novel form of the “year of wonders” that led to the collapse of East European communism, set within the frame of a coming of age story.

About Nicolas

Nicolas Rothwell was educated in European schools and was a classical scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, before becoming a foreign correspondent. The end of his overseas corresponding work was marked by the publication of his first book. A detailed biographical sketch can be found on the website of literary agent Margaret Connolly. Those interested in his journalistic writings on the North and other topics may find this link useful.


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